Until a student’s prospectus has been approved by the prospectus committee and the Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies or Co-Director, dissertation work has no official status. Normally, a student will not submit a prospectus until the student has completed course requirements, satisfied research requirements, and passed the general examination. Upon the recommendation of the department, however, the student may submit a prospectus any time after completion of one year of full-time residence. The department recommendation for approval of the prospectus should include three copies of the prospectus itself.

  • The prospectus should be approximately three double-spaced typewritten pages.
  • The cover sheet should state the student’s name, department, the title of the proposed dissertation, and the name of the chair and the other members of the committee.
  • The introduction of the prospectus should contain a summary of earlier work on the problem.
  • The body should include an orderly description of the plan for the investigation.
  • The conclusion should clearly state the anticipated nature of the investigation results. Major sources of information should be indicated and a selective bibliography attached.

Once the prospectus has been approved, the student must fill out and turn in the Prospectus Approval Form.

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