Dissertation Requirements

The dissertation not only is an essential part of the candidate’s degree work but is the appropriate culmination of the Ph.D. degree. The dissertation is the necessary demonstration that the candidate is worthy of taking a place among research scholars in the discipline. It must demonstrate not only mastery of the literature of the subject, but also the ability to carry on independent research that results in a genuine contribution to knowledge or an original interpretation of existing knowledge, and it must do so in a literate and lucid fashion. The dissertation committee shall pass on the acceptability of the dissertation before it is submitted to the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences in final form. (For deadline dates for the appropriate award of degrees, see Academic Calendar.) Acceptability, however, is not final approval. The candidate must defend the dissertation successfully before the degree is awarded. For details, see Final Examination.

  • The dissertation should be printed on paper approved by the BMS Program Office.
  • The title page of both the abstract and the dissertation must contain:
    • The subject of the dissertation, the date on which it was submitted, the department and the signature of the candidate, with the candidate’s full legal name typed underneath.
    • Signatures of the examining committee members should be listed in the lower right-hand corner; the full name of the committee chair must be typed under the signature.
    • A general guide for use in the formatting of theses and dissertations in the BMS program is available here.
    • A full list of authorities and books consulted and a short biographical sketch must be appended.
    • More detailed instructions for the preparation of the dissertation may be obtained from A Manual of Style, University of Chicago Press; the M.L.A. Style Sheet; or A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses and Dissertations, by Kate L. Turabian. The dissertation advisor will advise which guide is preferred.

Applications for degree must be filed for the current term on or before the deadline date for graduation. Applications filed in previous terms are not valid. A summary of graduation requirements and website links is also available on the BMS Website.

 Students must complete the following forms:

  • Application For Degree
  • Final Exam Request
  • Survey of Earned Doctorates (Register Here)
  • Students should also submit their final thesis, with signatures, to the ProQuest MNI website and to the Tulane Howard Tilton Thesis Archive.
  • An unbound copy of the thesis, on archival quality paper, with original signatures of the committee, should also be submitted to the BMS office.
  • The student should keep a copy of the dissertation and submit another copy to the department in which it was written. The decision to copyright the dissertation must be made at the time the student submits the material.

Ph.D. graduation requires the following fees:

  • Graduation fee, $65.00, paid by check or money order to the BMS office and made out to Tulane University.
  • MNI/Proquest fee, $65.00 without copyright; $160.00 with copyright (optional).

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