Choosing a Dissertation Committee

A student should choose a research topic or project in consultation with the qualified faculty member who has agreed to direct the dissertation (the dissertation advisor). With a topic or project agreed upon, the dissertation advisor and student consult to appoint a committee of at least four additional members, with the dissertation advisor to serve as a chair of the committee.

The student’s committee consists of members of the BMS program and requires approval of the BMS Steering Committee. This committee is usually involved in:

  • Administering the General Examination
  • Approving the Prospectus
  • Approving the oral thesis Defense and the final written dissertation.

Students must get each member of the Dissertation Committee to sign the Dissertation Committee Form indicating their agreement to serve on this committee, and then turn it into the BMS office for approval. In some cases, with the approval of the dissertation advisor and the chair, the student may change the composition of the dissertation committee.